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There is a growing preference amongst young writers and singers from our communities and “blocks”, to express their desires and stories in a language that is crude, crass, politically incorrect and filled with expletives. On the other hand, these works are undoubtedly captivating, exciting, creative and relevant. Unfortunately this genius of our youth only finds release on the “streets.” The songs are not of broadcast quality and are certainly not family entertainment. But they can be. They should be. These are the true feelings of our youth.

Writer’s Block is an initiative, by the youth, for the youth. It will meet them where they are and take them on a journey to mainstream their works of originality. It will then make these works available in a form that can be broadcast without being censored. Their re-presentation of the original songs will use lyrics that are sensitive, even if irreverent, witty and self-consciously aware of socially challenging issues including violence, drug addiction, gender, ethnic and religious diversity and disability.

The aim is not to act as a censor or to censure the youth. Neither is it to blunt their force. Rather, it is intended to sharpen their lyrical skills and ensure that offense, if it occurs, is not due to ignorance or lack of skill. These songs will represent the dreams, aspirations, anxieties, disappointments, desires, passions, priorities and concerns of our youth.

Writer’s Block provides songwriting and music development scholarships and recording contracts to young, talented artistes to help refine their works of originality through coaching and mentorship. 

The Process

    • Emerging young artistes will be invited to participate and the most promising talent selected.
    • Their unchanged and uncensored original songs in all genres will be recorded as demos.
    • 3 workshops will be conducted by accomplished industry professionals to deal with music business, copyright, lyrics, arrangement and an analysis of each demo will be done to help refine and strengthen each song.
    • The improved, rewritten work will then be recorded again and showcased at the end of the cycle and at future major public events.
  • Each workshop costs $100
  • Save $50 if you pay for the full package of all three
  • Submit a demo of your original song for a chance to be selected for a full scholarship and recording contract worth up to $2650
    (Demos can be attached to the application form or contact us to submit a voice note of your lyrics)

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